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A global commitment to HIV and AIDS


Bristol-Myers Squibb continues its efforts in the areas of patient education, clinical research, health provider training, and collaboration with government, academic and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) to bring the benefits of medical research to HIV-infected patients worldwide.

This goal is reflected in the company’s One Vision European Photography Competition that was first launched on World AIDS Day, 1st December 2003. The visionary nature of the campaign reinforced Bristol-Myers Squibb’s ongoing commitment to extend and enhance the lives of those with HIV and AIDS, and contribute essential financial support to community HIV and AIDS groups across Europe. In 2006 Bristol-Myers Squibb renews its commitment to this goal, and will again sponsor the One Vision competition.

Bristol-Myers Squibb And The Fight Against HIV and AIDS

In 1984, two decades ago, teams of Bristol-Myers Squibb researchers began work on the development of antiretroviral therapies. Over the ensuing twenty years, Bristol-Myers Squibb has invested not only in research to develop effective therapies, but also on all the other key fronts in the battle against this disease – prevention, information and education, assistance to professional and patient advocacy groups, and special access to care initiatives at the heart of the AIDS pandemic in Africa.

Research and Development of New HIV and AIDS Therapies

In HIV and AIDS, as in other disease areas, Bristol-Myers Squibb has made major scientific progress. Research and development of innovative new medicines has been the focus of the company’s efforts. Researchers at Bristol-Myers Squibb were responsible for making available one of the first antiretrovirals in the history of HIV and AIDS treatment.

The long-term development of new antiretroviral therapies, all aimed at extending and enhancing the lives of people with HIV and AIDS, has become a major part of its worldwide research efforts.

Bristol-Myers Squibb has today a complete portfolio of HIV treatment and has recently launched in Europe the first once-daily protease inhibitor.

Increasing Access to HIV and AIDS Medicines in Developing Countries

Bristol-Myers Squibb is also strongly involved in important initiatives to fight the disease and to bring the benefits of medical research to HIV-infected patients world-wide, especially in Africa, the region most affected by HIV and AIDS.

In the field of HIV and AIDS, Bristol-Myers Squibb is today the second largest private contributor in Africa. In 1999, the company launched the most important programme ever initiated by a private company to fight HIV and AIDS in Africa – "Secure the Future". In partnership with UNAIDS, the governments of 9 countries in Africa, and numerous NGOs, religious groups, medical institutions and social organisations, Bristol-Myers Squibb has developed innovative and replicable programmes to improve care of people, especially women and children, affected by HIV and AIDS with a financial commitment of up to $115 million. At this time, $110 million has been committed to finance more than 177 different local and national projects.

Bristol-Myers Squibb and Baylor College of Medicine in Houston have announced a collaboration for the development of The Pediatric AIDS Corps, a joint venture that is sending 250 doctors to Africa over five years to treat children with AIDS and train local medical professionals to do the same.

Bristol-Myers Squibb was also one of the leading pharmaceutical companies that launched, in 2000, the ACCESS programme to further increase availability of affordable HIV and AIDS medicines in Africa. Bristol-Myers Squibb currently offers two of its HIV and AIDS treatments, to patients in sub-Saharan Africa at no profit.

By taking steps like these, globally and openly, Bristol-Myers Squibb has taken part in almost two decades of progress against HIV and AIDS. However, our underlying philosophy as participants in this struggle remains today what it was in 1984 – humility in the face of the immensity of this problem and the size of the challenge we all face in solving it.

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